About Us

The Owners


Doulas, mothers, business partners, and best friends with over 20 years of experience working with high profile and celebrity clients.

Shannon Hernandez


Shannon Hernandez, a mother of three, has been helping families in maternal health since 1997 as a Birth Doula and then as a Postpartum Doula since 2004 before founding Dream Team Doulas in 2006. Over the course of her career she has assisted hundreds of families through the birthing and postpartum process. Her special gifts of empathy and spiritual communication coupled with her uncanny ability to sense others physical and emotional needs have been the cornerstone of years of success.

Her extraordinary service to each family has resulted in her becoming a leader in the maternal health industry, growing one of the most reputable consulting practices specializing in all areas that are of concern to parents, including healthy sleep habits, infant and mother lactation, colic, postpartum depression, multiples, parent-child bonding and effective methods of parenting young children.

In addition to consulting for parents, as President and Founder of Dream Team Doulas, Shannon is responsible for evaluating the standard of care and service given by the Doulas that she places. Each Doula has been chosen by Shannon based on their specific qualifications and she holds each member to the highest standards of care.

During her free time, Shannon is passionate about giving back to the communities she serves as a Childbirth Educator who does pro bono work teaching childbirth classes to teen mothers.

Ciara Speranza


 Ciara Speranza is a mother of three beautiful children, her journey into motherhood started in 2001 with the birth of her first daughter.  In addition to her being a certified birth and postpartum doula and sleep specialist, she has worked as an infant and child day care provider, Sign Language interpreter and has had extensive experience working with hearing impaired children. She has worked for Pflugerville ISD as a long term substitute for students Pre-K to 5th grade, including special education classrooms. She has been trained in early childhood education as well as behavior, psychological development and social and emotional growth in children. 

On our team Ciara's strengths with empathy, patience, continuity and organization makes her a valuable asset to the families she supports. Ciara specializes in holistic healing and has helped numerous families with essential oil tinctures and herbal remedies. Ciara brings grounding to our team within her areas of expertise as a healer that often is born from her creative, yet logical ways of solution finding. 

Newborn care, infant sleep education, nursery organization, infant massage, holistic and natural remedies, and infant sign language are only some of her many offerings. Ciara is co-owner and also in charge of Dream Team Doula’s administrative operations and keeps our team flowing beautifully.